The Power of Waves: Wave Pools

April 19, 2016

Experts say “No waterpark is complete without a wave pool.” Their broad appeal to all members of the family as well as the ability to draw crowds to a centralized area makes a Wave Pool very powerful within a waterpark. Acting as the centerpiece of the waterpark, wave pools offer opportunities to drive revenue and grow capacity.

Wave Pools provide extensive capacity

One of the main reasons a waterpark needs a wave pool is because of their huge and extensive capacity. Not only in the pool but all along the beach wave pools provide lots of room for families to lounge, play, float and even surf! Wave pools are all the fun without any of the wait. With an instantaneous capacity in the hundreds to the thousands depending on the size – compared to the instantaneous capacity of a classic body slide for example – wave pools can soak up congestion in a waterpark.

“Wave pools are all the fun without any of the wait.”

Drive revenue with carefully placed amenities

Colossal capacity isn’t the only benefit enjoyed when operating a wave pool. They provide a visual centerpiece and an attraction the entire family can play in together. As families often use the wave pool beach as home base for the day, parks can get creative to maximize their spending. Monetizing lounge areas with cabana rentals and food & beverage offerings will have your wave pool paying for itself in no time.

It’s critical to surround your lounging guests with concession stands and merchandise kiosks to drive additional revenue to your park while creating value for your visitors. Extend the time guests spend in your waterpark by providing comfortable lounge spaces and fun activities and you’ll naturally boost their in-park spend.

Multiple patterns to keep their attention all day long

On a hot summer day, families want a place they can escape the heat and a wave pool is the perfect place to cool off.  But how do you keep them in the pool for long periods of time? By changing the wave pattern so each dip is different.

The most common type of wave-generating equipment is pneumatic. The pneumatic equipment provides operators with flexibility to operate their pools in 8 different patterns including diamond, parallel, V-shaped and diagonal. Operators can choose to change the pattern throughout the day to maintain the interest of guests and switch up the experience. You guessed it, changing the pattern can extend the guests stay and in turn boost their in-park spending.

Upwards of 95% of the world’s wave pools are powered by pneumatic equipment including WhiteWater’s kids and family waves. Pneumatic wave equipment is both economical and reliable, making bobbing waves using air pressure to create oscillations throughout the entire pool.

Surf Wave Pools attract a diverse demographic

Surf Wave Pools attract a unique demographic drawing in the ‘cool’ surfers while generating additional revenue through surf board and boogie board rentals; but surfing waves are only achievable using a different technology. Hydraulic wave-generating equipment is the key to WhiteWater’s Surf Wave Pools. Hydraulic wave equipment requires much larger tanks and more technical equipment but the result is perfect surfing waves, one after another with regularity to delight any surfer used to waiting in the break for the next set.

This type of equipment can also create multiple patterns and has the ability to generate waves that reach up to 3 meters high!  That’s plenty big enough to carve on.