The Power of Waves: Stationary Waves

April 1, 2016

In 1991, the world’s first FlowRider captured the sensation of the never ending wave with a thousand gallons of rushing water and a smooth, soft surface to break the inevitable fall.  The first stationary wave was born.

Now installed in over 100 waterparks around the world in more than 25 countries, stationary wave machines like FlowRider and LatiTube continue to innovate building bigger waves, creating dynamic ride experiences, and offering improved energy efficiency. These leaps continue to attract more riders and evolve the sport that has captured the attention of brave thrill-seekers for more than twenty five years.

Stay Longer, Play Harder

Surfers and thrill seekers aren’t just in it for a quick thrill.  Just as with any sport, the more you do it, the better you get. It’s about finding the rhythm, learning your first trick, perfecting the carve, competing with style, and then passing your skills to the next thrill seeker. It’s a culture of its own.  What does that mean for your business? A massive amount of repeat visitation, increased seasons pass sales, a high class venue ideal for events, and loads of food and beverage revenue.

Following a pay-as-you-ride business model, waterparks can reap the benefits as adrenaline-junkies come back again and again. Riders are not only paying to ride, but are essentially paying venues to entertain restaurant goers and guests passing by.  This part of the revenue formula is a beautiful thing to watch go ‘round and ‘round!

Surf House Phuket made its initial FlowRider investments back within a year of operation.  Yes, one year.  The story of this speedy Return on Investment definitely has something to do with ride ticket sales.  However there are more interconnected elements that continue to help this particular stand-alone venue and others to succeed.  With expertise and guidance from the pioneers of Stationary Waves, any venue in the world can end up with a similar story.

“When Wet’n’Wild Hawaii installed their FlowRider, their F&B sales increased by 28%.”

Grab some Grub and Watch your Friends, your Kids, even your Mother

A Stationary Surfing Machine venue, when properly designed, becomes of the best places in a waterpark to grab lunch and watch the entertainment. The guests that didn’t even know what to expect upon being seated are bound to linger longer when they get hooked on watching the built-in entertainment – watching people surf the wave! It provokes a conversation and is pure entertainment; it will naturally lead to food and beverage sales. The crowds will collect, so feed them! When Wet’n’Wild Hawaii installed their FlowRider, their F&B sales increased by 28%.

Another perk is branded retail. Sales of unique boards, clothing, riding gear and more can add to your bottom line. A retail shop is a solid revenue generator that quickly and somewhat quietly leads venues into the black.

Events Keep people Intrigued at all times of the day

An element that brings droves of people to a venue with a Stationary Wave (or two!) is events.  Private events, corporate bookings, FLOW Tour competitions, and live concerts are just a few types of events that can be added to a venue’s calendar.  Stationary Waves give waterparks the opportunity to fill each day with family-oriented events and then more adult centric events at night.  No other attraction pulls that kind of weight in drawing people in all day long and then into the evening, which gives you huge attraction utilization and value for money.

Adding this kind of Wave to your park is far more than just another waterpark ride.  It’s a culture with some of the highest repeat visitation in the industry.  It’s a way to boost F&B, retail sales, and season pass holders.  A recent survey of 8 stand-alone FlowRiders revealed annual revenues between US$700k and US$1.4m! With a fixed operating cost and a good marketing campaign, it’s hard not to imagine the potential ROI as a result of stationary waves.